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Fergie Ferguson - Bass Guitar And Vocals

Fergie, aka Michael, aka Mike - was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Growing up in a musical family was great, there was always a sing-a-long at family gatherings, and as a toddler he would enjoy participating by singing (the only song that he knew then) “Put another Nickel In” – this was big stuff!

In his early teens, Fergie owned his first guitar – which he treasured like a diamond. It was the highlight of his day, coming home from school and rushing up to his bedroom to strum a few notes on his guitar, every note he played was self taught and his dedication was absolute.

By the time Fergie left school, he joined the Post Office as a messenger boy! Oh Boy ! …. “It was common practice to have a steady job those days, but it was my dream to become a musician” he says. At the same time he went semi-pro as lead singer with a band called “The Idiom”. After a few months the band had a re-birth and changed their name to the “Seasons Showband”, with showpieces encompassed around the likes of Tom Jones, The Beatles & Rolling Stones, the Seasons had phenomenal success. With his credible presentation of Tom Jones, there were soon newspaper articles raving about “The Seasons” featuring Mike Ferguson - and “Mike, the Singing Postman”. When you’re so young it puts feathers in your cap, and makes you want to fly, which he did! It was at one of their performances at the Astor Ballroom in Belfast, where they were spotted by an Ulster TV announcer who signed the band up for a guest appearance on the UTV talent scouts show. The “Seasons” popularity grew at a fast pace, and they were soon set up for a tour in England & Germany.

In 1970, Fergie took up the offer as bass player with a top pop showband called the “Newmen”. The Newmen travelled extensively through Ireland, packing the dance halls with thousands of people. The first album Fergie recorded with the Newman was in 1972 at EMI Studios, London and was titled “Come Back Again”. The bands presentation was just as good as their music, which was always something special, and promoters were lining up to sign them up with new deals. A promoter from England, representing the Gooderson group of hotels, signed the band up on a contract to perform in South Africa; they were all very excited about this… Fergie recalls saying to his Mother & Father, “Not to worry, it’s only for 6 months”… it has been the longest 6 months in history!

Business was booming for The Newmen Showband, their shows took the country by storm, but as the contract came to an end, so did the band. 4 members stayed on in South Africa, and the other 2 returned to Ireland. Taking preference to their indifferences in performing Showband or Pop Rock material, the remaining members of the band split, with members (Paul & Tony) forming the “Blarney Showband” – and members (Fergie & Derrick) forming “Ballyhoo”.

Ballyhoo has come a long way, and through all these years, Fergie has been committed to keeping the band together. Through his dedication to continue doing what he loves most, his dream as a young boy has been contented!





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