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Ashley Brokensha - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Ashley was born in Port Elizabeth, and his interest in music started at an early age. As a youngster he used to fiddle with his fathers “wireless” for ages, trying to find the most obscure music station to indulge in his passion for different sounds. When he was 10 years old, his mother sent him for classical piano lessons, which he continued for several years … but disliked every minute of it. One day a junior school friend introduced him to the “Guitar” – he was hooked, and it was bye-bye piano ! It was at this stage that Ashley got drawn to great influential bands like the “Shadows, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple and Jimi Hendrix”. With the guitar lessons on track, Ashley excelled, and put his music teacher in second place with his exceptional talent. Without any record player or modern media format like today, he just used to jam to the good old wireless.

Ashley’s first band was formed during his high school years, and started playing a few gigs around his home town. After high school he completed his year of service with the navy in Simons Town. On returning to Port Elizabeth he started a “nine to five” day job, which continued for about five years, and during this time was still actively involved in playing around with some local bands. One of the highlights at this time was a competition that the band entered called “On The Go”, they took first place!

In 1975, a very well known band in Port Elizabeth called “Tank”, asked Ashley to go pro with them. It was a prestigious moment at the start of his musical career, which led to performances in Port Elizabeth, Durban & Cape Town, which lasted for 3 years. When Tank split up Ashley was on the Guitar Players list of “most wanted”, and joined a band that was hugely popular in Johannesburg & Durban called “Fantasy”.

Fantasy recorded their first album in 1981, and with the release of their new album, went on a South African Tour with the Temptations. As the saying goes “take the good with the bad”, Ashley was called one morning with the terrible news that the club they were playing in had burnt down – they lost everything, but with the help of a few friends and some borrowing here and there, – Fantasy was on the road again. The keyboard player, being of Greek origin, arranged a gig in Athens. They took over from Gloria Gaynor at a massive club alongside the Med. It was quite an experience which lasted for six months. On returning to South Africa, Fantasy continued for a few more years and then disbanded.

Ashley’s music career with talented musicians continued. He joined up with “Bite” for a year and then with “Cab” (Cindy Alter Band) for two years. Cab was great fun, there was some good Radio & TV coverage from their first album, and being a cross-over band, they performed gigs in many strange places. At this stage things became too stressful, the band was making plans for a tour in France, …Ashley had come to a crossroad, and he decided to leave the band.

After taking a few months off, he got a call from “Ballyhoo” asking if he would like to join the band ? “What a question” he replied ! A week of rehearsals … and he was in.

Ashley continues, “I could go on and on about the success of Ballyhoo and our recordings, but that is a whole new chapter. Those of you who know me and Ballyhoo, know the story. Since the day I joined, I’ve never looked back … and my life took on a new journey”.





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